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Bitty Browser & WordPress
Is your site hosted on
Bitty isn't yet available as a built-in widget on, but you can still copy/paste the HTML into your site (be sure to use the "IFRAME-based" code).
You can also help us get Bitty added to the built-in widgets on -- simply go to Automattic's contact page and suggest that they add Bitty to (they asked us to encourage your feedback).
For all other WordPress sites...
If you have the WordPress Widgets plugin, just follow the steps below (if not, see here).
2. Move it into /wp-content/plugins/widgets/
3. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
4. Click the Plugins tab.
5. Click the [Activate] link for Bitty Browser (it's over on the right-hand side of the Plugin Management page).
6. Click the Presentation tab, and then the Sidebar Widgets tab.
7. Drag [Bitty Browser] from Available Widgets into your Sidebar (try it up near the top).
8. You can tweak your Bitty Browser settings via the "Configure" panel.
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